Ido language

Ido language

What is Ido?

It’s an artificial language designed in 1907 as an improved version of Esperanto. It’s based on most popular european languages and is easy to learn.

Read an article in Wikipedia or visit an informative site:


Introduction into grammar

Wikibooks (very incomplete)

Ido For All (PDF, very detailed)

Kompleta Gramatiko Detaloza - the official language book of Ido, in ido

Early volumes of Progreso - the official Ido magazine

Newer volumes of Progreso


Maintained by me:

Interactive English ↔ Ido and Russian ↔ Ido dictionary

Downloadable in Stardict format: English↔Ido, Russian↔Ido – you can use it on your Android phone via GoldenDict

Other - has pretty good Ido support

Where to meet idists

Facebook group:

Yahoo group:


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